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Payment Policy

Unless other agreements are made in writing between both parties, IWebGuy projects require a 50% deposit prior to commencement of work, with the remaining balance due upon completion. IWebGuy owns every project's digital and non-digital materials created by IWebGuy until payment is received in full. Full payment is due upon project completion, and must be made by cheque or cash. All prices are listed in Canadian currency. Advance payment is non-refundable if the client does not contact us within 15 days of project commencement.

Development Policy

IWebGuy reserves the right not to accept projects that promote racism or contain any content that we view as pornographic or objectionable. Websites created by IWebGuy must have the statement "Website designed by IWebGuy " (and possibly include a small IWebGuy logo) placed at the bottom of the homepage. We reserve the right to include in our portfolio any projects created or developed by us.

Limitation of Liability

IWebGuy will not be liable for indirect, special or consequential damages, or any loss of revenue or profits, arising in connection with the projects that we developed. IWebGuy reserves the right to delay or stop any project development for any reason without liability. IWebGuy will notify the client immediately of any changes of project development status, and make appropriate arrangements. If a stoppage in development is caused by IWebGuy, the client will be refunded the deposit minus any billable hours. IWebGuy is not responsible for hosting company / internet service provider / domain name registrar / or other outside agencies issues, damage, downtime, email problems, website hacks and other security issues or any part thereof. These services are separate and independent of IWebGuy services offered.

Project Contents

All digital and non-digital materials supplied by the client to IWebGuy for project development must be either owned by the client or given copyright permission for publication. IWebGuy is not responsible for copyright infringements found as a result of these materials, and clients will have 15 days for verification and modification of contents.

SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)

IWebGuy thoroughly follows SDLC to create websites for its clients so as to provide better service and quality website projects well on time.

  • IWebGuy charge on hourly basis for web design, logo design including consultations, design time and revisions.
  • IWebGuy will estimate the design time and require the minimum up-front payment of half the estimate in order to schedule design of the web site.
  • IWebGuy will work up to 2 hours past the time estimated. At that point the client will have to approve the work progress and agree to any further charges should there be any.
  • The design time for a typical 5 page web site takes one to two weeks depending on the client’s input and requirement.
  • IWebGuy charge the same hourly rate for any images/logos that have to be created. These will be discussed either through email, personal meetings or telephonic conversation prior to the estimate.
  • The site will be put up on the web after final approval by the client and the balance is paid in full.

Pause in project development

A request to pause project development must be made in writing to IWebGuy and include an authorized signature on behalf of the client. The delay will not exceed a period of 30 days. Unless other arrangements are made between both parties, IWebGuy will assume any delay requested by the client that exceeds the 30-day period a cancellation, and hence will charge for the number of hours accumulated in project development before the request to pause is made.

Cancellation of project development

A request to cancel any project must be made in writing to IWebGuy and include an authorized signature on behalf of the client. IWebGuy will charge for the number of hours accumulated in project development before the cancellation request is made. IWebGuy reserves the right to change/update policy, services, and prices without liability. If you have any questions regarding IWebGuy Web Design policy please contact us by phone at 403.400-0203 or e-mail info@iwebguy.ca

IWebGuy Design Policy In Effect As Of Aug 2008.